Our story

Originally from the province of North Sumatra in Indonesia we are above all coffee lovers. Passionate about our product and our craft, we decided after the success of our first company in Medan Macehat Coffee to come to Sydney and to bring with us the unique flavors of our coffee beans.

Located in Winmalee – Blue Mountain, we began our Australian adventure in 2016 with the opening of our coffee shop and roastery: Three Arrows Coffee.
In a friendly and relaxed environment, we are divided in two teams: behind the counter, our baristas serve fresh and delicious cups of coffee; and at the back, our roasters transform green coffee beans into the brown and delicious coffee that you know and love!

And because we love experimenting and discovering new flavors, we gladly offer some of our original and tasty signature drinks as well.

So don’t hesitate and come by our shop. Always happy to have a chat with our customers, we can talk for hours about coffee, share with you our roasting techniques or simply serve you the fresh cup of coffee that you need.

Our Coffee

Known as the fourth largest producer of coffee in the world, Indonesia has always been evocative of quality, taste and richness when it comes to coffee beans. Hence, in order to give you the best example of our country’s culture and our heritage, we brought with us a unique variety of bean: the Sumatran Mandheling Arabica.

Its journey begins in the North of Sumatra close to our very own processing site. Cultivated by local farmers, our coffee cherries are highly controlled, going through a strict selection before pulping. Picked and processed the same day by our Indonesian award winning company, Macehat Coffee, the cherries are then transformed into green beans. Controlled once again to obtain the best possible quality, they are then sent to Sydney in our local shop.

Under the supervision of our head roaster, and thanks to her over 10 years of experience, the magic then happens! Through a meticulous recipe, the green beans are carefully transformed into delicious and perfumed coffee beans. Well known among coffee lovers, the Sumatran Mandheling Arabica reveals then its nature: a deep and chocolaty coffee, with a full body and hints of citrus and caramel.